About IIP

The International Institute of Physics is a research institute with an international vocation, permanently facing the frontier areas of theoretical physics. Its mission is to intensify the exchange of scientific knowledge with the international community and, in particular with the Latin American community, being a pole unifying strategic areas of theoretical physics.

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The work from a collaboration between scientists from the International Institute of Physics of UFRN, the Sapienza University (Italy), and the Perimeter Institute (Canada) demonstrated through experiments the quantum nature of a causal network without assuming freedom of choice, opening the doors to new notions about how the particles behave.

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QIQM Group

Our group at the IIP is interested in several research lines under the quantum information and quantum matter umbrella, including topics such as: the interface between quantum information and many-body physics, quantum foundations, quantum enhanced protocols, quantum causality, quantum phase transitions, strongly correlated systems, topological phases, and quantum magnetism in low dimensions.

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