Black Holes Across the Gravitational Wave Spectrum

Workshop | Monday, July 31, 2017 - Friday, August 11, 2017
Walter Del Pozzo
Riccardo Sturani
Michele Vallisneri

We aim at bringing together researchers in different fields of the new science that goes under the umbrella name of Gravitational-Wave Physics, that intertwines astrophysics, cosmology, fundamental gravity and data analysis. The plan is to have 1/2 general talks/discussion per day, giving a broad overview of open problems to foster exchanges in which researchers of different fields can fruitfully "pollinate" each other.

The main topic that will be addressed are:


  1. Fundamental gravity: to fully exploit the potential of gravitational-wave discoveries, new fundamental tests can be developed and performed.
  1. Astrophysics: little is known about the formation mechanism of GW150914-like systems. By the first months of 2017 we expect several more detections, allowing non trivial constraints on population models.
  1. Cosmology: after the first ten detections at red-shift 0.1-1 or more, possibly by mid-2017, it should be possible to draw the first cosmological conclusions based on gravitational-wave data analysis alone.
  1. Data analysis: the new science enabled by gravitational-wave detections deserves a thorough investigation of all possible innovative ways to maximize the physics output from the data.


Workshop Format:

The spirit of the meeting will be kept as informal as possible. The main aim of the workshop is to allow the attendees to maximize their interactions. Key participants will be asked to give background talks on representative topics, so that the members of different communities can find a common ground to address a list of crucial questions that will be prepared in advance. The amount of review talks will be limited to a minimum, in order to leave time for group discussions.


Registration Fee:

Students = R$400,00 Brazilian reais.

Postdocs/Professionals = R$800,00 Brazilian reais.


Registration fee: All the participants are expected to pay the registration fee. Members of the local community (institutions in Natal) are considered as free listeners and are exempt from paying the fee.

*Registration fee is accepted in cash only.

** Information about lodging will be posted soon.


Early registration deadline: June 30, 2017


Financial Support:

Available for those who qualify for financial help. You may apply for financial support when filling out your registration form (Registration page).

For more information, please contact our events department at:

Speakers Name Talk Title
Bangalore Sathyaprakash

Invited speaker

Penn State University


Chris Messenger

Invited Lecturers

Glasgow University


John Veitch

Invited speaker

Birmingham University


Massimo Tinto

Invited speaker

CASS-University of California at San Diego

Black-Holes observations with spacebased gravitational wave detectors

Stephen Taylor

Invited speaker

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory