Latin American Workshop in Condensed Matter: Novel Phases in Strongly Correlated Systems

School and Workshop | Monday, September 03, 2018 - Friday, September 07, 2018
Daniel Barci (Rio de Janeiro State University )
Daniel Cabra (University of La Plata )
Pierre Pujol (Paul Sabatier University )
Daniel Stariolo (Universidade Federal Fluminense)



The main goal of the “Second Latin American Workshop in Condensed Matter” is to bring together leading experts in the field of strongly correlated matter, to discuss past, progress and future perspectives, as well as to develop interdisciplinary communication and collaborations with the Latin American community. We expect to boost the active participation of young researchers from the region. Both, theorists and experimentalists, are expected to provide overview talks on recent developments in the broad field of strongly correlated systems.


The Workshop, which will take place in the week from September 3 to 7, will have a focus on the discovery and description of novel phases of quantum matter at extreme regimes of temperature, pressure and magnetic fields. Presentations will involve a balanced participation of theorists and experimentalists, with a focus on the fundamental physics exhibited by novel systems and on emergent phenomena. Special topics will cover novel phase transitions in strongly correlated matter, described by means of local order parameters as well as topological order. Systems range from quantum Hall systems and high Tc superconductors to frustrated quantum magnets, topological quantum matter and quantum simulations with ultracold atoms.


Main topics to be discussed:


  • Topological phase transitions in strongly correlated matter;

  • Quantum Hall systems and high Tc superconductors;

  • Frustrated quantum magnets;

  • Topological quantum matter;

  • Quantum simulations with ultracold atoms.



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Lecturers Name Lectures
Hermann Freire

Invited speaker

Federal University of Goiás